We make sure all our students have
opportunities to gain real world experience

Our Facebook Marketing courses

Advanced Facebook Marketing Training in KIIT Road, Patia, Bhubaneswar - Classroom/Online @ 30,000/-


We are proud Frnchisee of NIDM, Bangalore. - here you can more details of the same course.

This digital marketing course examines how to manage and set a strategy for a brand or website. It equips you to make strategic decisions on how to optimise an organisation into a digital footprint so that it can gain greatest engagement with effective audiences.

In addition to giving you an excellent grounding in Marketing, the course allows you to experience a broad range of learning experiences, such as group projects, enabling you to grow your personal as well as academic skills. You will be able to explore a broad range of modules, both in Marketing and in other subject areas, thereby giving you a breadth of knowledge and experience. We make sure all our students have opportunities to gain real world experience, and this course is no exception.

Google AdWords

Our professional team helps your business.

Google AdWords

We have the expertise by being driven by the best brains and now this knowledge is being passed on for the benefit of the students. This is a one month course especially for Digital Marketing Professionals.

Google - the brand name is now synonymous with “search”. When you perform an online search, you don’t think to “search” for it - you think “Google” it. Google AdWords is an online platform, owned by Google, which is used by advertisers and agencies to advertise online on Google.


Server Training

Achieving the desired results


Linux Server Lesson
1. Course Overview - Introduction to Microsoft Azure & AWS
2. Creating Virtual Machines, Resource Group, Virtual Network, Elastic IP address, Disk
3. Configuring and Securing Linux VM
4. SSh server Hardening
5. Installation and configuration of Web Hosting Panel on Linux (cPanel & Plesk Panel)
6. Hosting website & pointing NameServers
7. Email Hosting & Mx, Spf & DMARC Record Setup

Computer Training

Free Computer Training Course by Sai Solutions

Sai solution is an organization which helps and influences the socially and economically backward class children in unlocking their true and hidden potential by training them in Internet applications, computer system, and its applications. The student from this society are also trained mentally to cope up with the pace of digital world and are provided with basic needs and support from the organization as its goal is to make self-independent individuals out of these students as they are the future generation of innovation. All of the teaching and training are made available to them free of cost.